Have you every wanted to grow a vegetable garden but just didn’t have the space or maybe you live in an apartment with limited space on your balcony. 

Here is an easy way to take one empty hanging basket and have 4 tomato and 4 pepper plants.  You can have this planted and hung up in less than 45 minutes.

First you will need an empty hanging basket, I would suggest saving the ones that you had from previous years.  If you don’t have one you can purchase one from a garden center. Once you have one, save it for the next year.


You will need to mark four holes on opposite sides about halfway up the basket as shown in the picture.  I would say an inch to an inch and a half would work just fine.

20140621_13252320140621_132530After you mark your holes, just take a scissors or garden pruner to cut out the marked holes.  When cutting your side holes out, just make a small hole and cut your hole from their.  Most baskets are a little thick and if you punch a small hole to start you might make a nice long crack in it.  You will also need to cut out the drain hole at the bottom of your basket.


So you are done with the hard part now, and now it is time to plant your tomatoes and peppers.  Attach your hanging hook to your basket and hang it in a place where you can have some room to add your potting soil and plants.

Put in about 2 inches of potting soil as you hold your tomato plant in the bottom hole.  Pack in the dirt around the bottom plant and fill more potting soil up to the bottom of the holes you cut out on the sides.


Add your tomato plants to your side holes and fill your basket up to about one inch from the top.


Plant about three pepper plants evenly spaced at the top of your basket.  I used cherry tomatoes in this one, but others I have used peppers.


Well there you have it, just water, fertilize and enjoy your fresh vegetables in mid summer.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us info@mngardens.com    or if you have any garden tips you want to share please email them as well. 

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